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Forest of Imagination 2020

Keeping communities connected with creativity

In 2020 & 2021 Forest of Imagination will create a radical response to the global environmental crisis through creativity & research

This year, the award-winning arts event was planned to return to the city of Bath with its multi-sensory array of outdoor participation art installations, workshops, architecture, sculptures and audio experiences inviting the entire city to participate. We have had to adapt to the current situation, however the ambition remains the same, to connect communities with creative activities and inspiring events.

Working with artists, collaborators, architects, musicians, writers, sponsors, businesses, local and global organisations, Forest prepares to reveal it’s roots as a Landscape City and Creative City popping up in multiple virtual locations and reaching out to the diverse community of Bath and beyond…

The Travelling Forest 2020 & Landscape City

Plans for Forest to appear in a variety of locations each unique place, reflecting the culture and character of the city. One day ‘Pop-Up’ Forest workshops, installations and research will take place during these events gathering research and ideas which will generate the seeds of a more ambitious Forest of Imagination 2021.

Forest of Imagination 2020 will begin to embed Forest into the longer term identity of the city.

Our ambition is to establish Forest of Imagination as a showcase for the creativity of the city, whilst inviting internationally significant artists and designers to help raise the international profile of Forest and creative Bath.
Forest of Imagination is free to all.

What's happening?

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Come and play!

Previous Forest of Imagination events have attracted thousands of visitors, united by curiosity and a playful spirit. This year, join us for another exciting programme of artworks, outdoor theatre, sensory installations and participatory creative activities.

Forest of Imagination 2020: locations and dates to be revealed soon!

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We believe that creativity can enhance wellbeing and transform lives, communities, cities and economies.

The natural world is a powerful generator of childhood curiosity and those early sparks of imagination are often at the heart of our life-long creativity.

Andrew Grant (Grant Associates) and Penny Hay (5x5x5=creativity and Bath Spa University) - #