FOI Up Late at the Holburne with BSU x Adobe

FOI Up Late at the Holburne with BSU x Adobe
08 Jul 2024

On the Friday of this year’s Forest of Imagination, we enjoyed an “Up Late” session from 6-8pm at the Holburne Museum, inviting participants to explore and create a Digital Forest.

Bath Spa University is an Adobe Creative Campus, and we had the opportunity to experiment with Adobe Firefly, an AI creative tool. Many participants used AI to generate images via work prompts and enjoyed fascinating results.

Along with our Forest of Imagination artists, young people and guests played with the 3D digital model of Dreamer the Rabbit using textures found in the Forest, in and around the Holburne Museum Gardens. Here are just some of the images that were produced: View PDF.

Young Green Creators x Creatives Now

Young people from Bath and Bolton played with the concept of a Digital Forest of Imagination. Together we explored the potential for an education system that places nature, imagination, the arts and social action at the heart.

Rabbit Holes Collective

Friday night also saw the launch of Rabbit Holes Collective’s Adaptive Podcasting – a fascinating conversation with Ian Forrester (Senior “firestarter” Producer, BBC) and Oliver Wallace (Patchlarks).

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