Forest of Imagination returns 26–30 June 2024 at the Holburne Museum Gardens, Bath

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks!

By Perry Harris

Our theme for 2023 was “Assemble in the Forest”

Forest of Imagination is free to all. 

‘Assemble in the Forest’FOI 2023.event guide.thmb150 was an invitation to come together at a festival full of adventure, to enjoy culture, to celebrate beauty and biodiversity and to showcase the imagination of our community. As the world struggles with a climate emergency, COVID aftermath, injustice – this is the time to collectively and creatively imagine how things can be different. View the film here.

The spectacular Bath Assembly Rooms was the venue for the 2023 Forest of Imagination where we celebrated 10 years as a contemporary arts event in Bath. For 2023, the National Trust invited Forest of Imagination to the Bath Assembly Rooms while the charity uncovers the history of the building, tests and finalises plans for the future and undertakes building work ahead of opening a Georgian experience in 2026.

Forest of Imagination 2024 will continue to embed Forest into the longer term identity of the city.

Our ambition is to establish Forest of Imagination as a showcase for the creativity of the city, whilst inviting internationally significant artists and designers to help raise the international profile of Forest and Bath as a city of creativity.
Forest of Imagination is free to all.

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Forest of Imagination 2023 film, “Assemble in the Forest”
FOI 2023, Forest of Imagination

Forest of Imagination 2023 film, “Assemble in the Forest”

‘Assemble in the Forest’ was an invitation to come together and celebrate the beauty and biodiversity of Bath and once again to showcase the imagination of our community. In addition, it provided an opportunity to shine a light on the importance of forests across the world and what they mean to us in Bath, especially in response to the climate emergency. This year, we were...

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0 / forestimaginatn / Dec 15, 2023
FOI 2023 Evaluation report
FOI 2023, Forest of Imagination, News

FOI 2023 Evaluation report

In 2023, We were inspired by the opportunity to link art, nature, and the social life of the city into an experience that takes full advantage of the grand internal rooms and the distinctive outdoor spaces in The Bath Assembly Rooms. The Assembly Rooms has recently returned to the management of The National Trust and they are working to develop a new Georgian experience, currently...

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Forest of Imagination 2023
Forest of Imagination

Trusting the child – François Matarasso

Please read the beautiful and generous thought piece written by François Matarasso. Here is an excerpt: “…the House of Imagination shows just what can be achieved by adapting flexibly to changing conditions when you have a diamond-sharp vision of what you want to achieve.” Read here >  

0 / forestimaginatn / Sep 19, 2023

We believe that creativity can enhance wellbeing and transform lives, communities, cities and economies.

The natural world is a powerful generator of childhood curiosity and those early sparks of imagination are often at the heart of our life-long creativity.

Andrew Grant (Grant Associates) and Penny Hay (House of Imagination, formerly 5x5x5=creativity, and Bath Spa University) - #