'Imagine If' provocation for the Living Tree at The Egg

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Imagine If Festival 2021

Imagine If Festival

Featured Artists

1st March

Clare Day Instalive (1)

Slam Out Loud Spoken Word Poems

People Fall in Love –  Toby Thompson

2nd March

  • Jo Backhouse -Text / Texture / Textile workshop  (FOI Twitter)
    • Perry Harris



  • TEDxBath Countdown four part documentary on how the local community of Bath  is responding to climate emergency. [Parts of the documentary – Urgency (6:10 – 11:39) / Leadership (21:14 – 31:03 / Transformation – 31:03 – 40:44 / Breakthroughs 44:59 – 51:40].


TEDxBath-Countdown – Main Content 30fps 10102020 from FCBStudios on Vimeo.

3rd March

Imagine If … we could listen underwater…

Deep Listening at Avon Gorge and Bristol Entrance Lock from Kathy Hinde on Vimeo.

4th march

Register for the Main Broadcast Event here & Join us from 10:00 AM – 9:30 PM

  • Penny Hay & Kate Cross Imagine If Provocation

Feed on the Forest…

@houseimaginatn @Philippa_Perry Ken Robinson. http://sirkenrobinson.com/pdf/allourfutures.pdf

🎓Arts education is so important. Everyone should have the option to study.
https://www.campaignforthearts.org/petitions/stop-the-50-percent-funding-cut-to-arts-subjects-in-higher-education/share-the-poll-and-petition https://twitter.com/Public_Campaign/status/1403389439641071616

Listen to me and @FRSAMatthew talk (and rant) about how to restructure our society so that it is goal oriented, in a new @theRSAorg podcast. https://bridges-to-the-future.simplecast.com/episodes/what-governments-should-learn-from-putting-astronaughts-on-the-moon @IIPP_UCL

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