Enchanted Forest – Week Six – Alison Harper

Enchanted Forest – Week Six – Alison Harper
24 Jun 2020

Textile artist, Alison Harper works with the theme of reimagining materials, her work often focuses on recycling, reusing and reimagining. This year, for the #VirtualForest2020, Alison has taken the theme of #enchanted to inform her work; finding the beauty and unexpected in everyday things, waste materials and in little corners of the world we often do not  notice.

She explains more here:

“Enchanted is a digital project arising from the original Parliament of Trees proposal create for Forest of Imagination 2020, before Covid19! The Parliament of Trees  was about shifting the balance of power towards nature and the natural world, away from human dominance.

To take notice and admire the beauty of all living things is part way towards caring for and conserving it.

Enchanted is about seeing the unnoticed, revaluing the taken for granted.

I wanted to include music in the original project as a ‘walking forest’ moved across the East of Bath. The term enchanted includes chant, or chanter, to sing in French. I have worked with local musician Brian Madigan of madmusik has composed this song using lines from the John Clare poem; All nature has a feeling. Struck and Shaken is a quote taken from writer and academic Jane Bennett.”

Watch Alison’s work unfold this week as she works on her theme of #Enchantment across our social media channels.



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