FOI t-shirts

FOI t-shirts
04 Jun 2016

During the Forest of Imagination event you’ll notice our wonderful stewards and volunteers wearing our iconic FOI t-shirt. Many have been asking how and where they can get their own FOI t-shirt… Well, we’re very proud to announce that you can celebrate creativity with your very own FOI Tee by backing our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign which is helping to raise essential funds for this free event – our gift to the City.

You may also have seen our ‘Special Edition’ FOI Tee in black, which is also available on Indiegogo along with many other great rewards and ‘perks’, such as limited edition artworks, posters, story books and even FOI trees! (currently on display).

We’d love you to support us by contributing whatever you can, sharing the campaign with others and most importantly by helping make creativity visible on the streets of Bath by coming out to play!

Thank you for your amazing support.

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