The Areocene Explorer Takes Off at Forest

© Photography by Studio Tomás Saraceno, 2017
15 Jun 2017

Forest of Imagination are delighted to announce that it will host the extraordinary work of international, contemporary artist, Tomas Saraceno, during the four-day event at Bushey Norwood.

An exhibition and performance of the Aerocene Explorer by the Aerocene Foundation, a project founded by artist Tomas Saraceno and his studio will be held, if the weather is appropriate, everyday during the Forest of Imagination.

Widely regarded as the one of the most famous Latin American artists on the contemporary art scene, Tomás Saraceno’s work focuses on re-imagining how human beings could navigate around the world in the future using the jet stream highways in the sky.

The Aerocene Project, is a remarkable exploration into navigation, architecture, the future of human habitation and the environment.

The installation of the Aerocene Explorer, will be an emission free, floating sculpture, designed to travel around the earth without helium, batteries or other fossil fuels, but kept afloat using wind currents and harnessing solar energy.

Tomas Saraceno: “Much like the universe the Aerocene Project is constantly expanding.”

The Aerocene Explorer, the tethered-flight starter kit currently in its beta version, enables anyone to launch their own personal exploration of the atmosphere. A tactile and engaging way to experience the Aerocene, the Explorer allows participants to take aerial photographs and videos and to collect atmospheric data using non-intrusive, emissions-free scienti c exploration tools that measure air quality, temperature, humidity, and pressure. Additionally participants can ‘hack’ the devices pack, create their own light-weight sensors, and lift them up. The Aerocene Explorer is developed by the Aerocene Foundation together with friends and collaborators.

Aerocene is a multi-disciplinary project that proposes a new epoch. It foregrounds the artistic and scienti c exploration of environmental issues, and promotes common links between social, mental, and material ecologies.

A synthesis of art, technology and environmental awareness, Aerocene embodies a vision for fossil and emission-free travelling and living in the atmosphere. Aerocene develops different activities and formats such as tethered and free flights, exhibitions within artistic contexts, intersections with partner groups and institutions, and contributions from our community.

This year Forest of Imagination, Bath’s unique contemporary arts, design and architecture event, will transform Bath’s Bushey Norwood, a grass meadowland and Iron Age landscape that makes up part of the historic Bath Skyline. The event is in partnership with the National Trust and runs from 29 June until 2 July 2017.

Forest of Imagination, co-founded by Andrew Grant, celebrated landscape architect of Gardens by the Bay Singapore and Penny Hay, artist and educator, involves a collaborative team who together curate and design the temporary fantastical landscape and outdoor galley, this year with a theme exploring ‘Where we feel at home’.

Andrew Grant: “We want to create an engaging and thought provoking series of experiences for all ages but with an emphasis on children and their connection with the natural environment. The project reinforces a renewed interest in the countryside around the city through the Bathscape project and highlights the importance of engaging people, and especially children, with the experience of nature and outdoor play.

“The idea of ‘home’ will be explored in several ways mixing up representations of our human, urban homes with the natural habitat/homes of the flora and fauna that live on Bushey Norwood. Planet Earth is our wider home and through the imagination of the international artist, Tomas Saraceno, we will also be exploring the importance of our planet atmosphere.”

Penny Hay: “The Forest of Imagination will involve a kaleidoscope of immersive and playful experiences for all ages – it will be a place of serious creative play. There is an urgent need to re-imagine our concept of childhood and the importance of nature and creativity in all of our lives. This is why we work with artists who live out these creative habits of mind daily. We are working with wonderful international as well as local artists – Tomas Saraceno, Martyn Ware, Anthony Head, Alison Harper, Edwina Bridgeman, Jess Palmer and many others, including the House of Fairy Tales.”

This year’s Forest of Imagination will connect people to nature in a variety of wild and imaginative ways. Forest is open from June 30th until July 2nd from 10am to 6pm every day. Forest of Imagination is free to all.

For directions to Forest check here

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