The House of Fairy Tales is coming back…

The House of Fairy Tales is coming back…
18 May 2016

Providing imaginative spaces to learn and play is not just about creating happy children but happy families, healthier communities and a thriving society too, says, The House Of Fairy Tales, the national children’s arts charity that engages with young people of all ages from any socio-economic or cultural background.

Last year, The House of Fairy Tales bought The Curiovan, a mobile gallery and museum showcasing the natural world in miniature and artist, Twydall Crumblepatch, to the Forest of Imagination. The Curiovan and Twydall Crumblepatch entranced and enthralled every visitor who tumbled upon their bizarre and beautiful miniature museum, which is also the worlds smallest.


The House of Fairy Tales believe it is now more urgent than ever that we give a voice to the youngest generation to remind and demand parents, teachers, politicians and corporate leaders to embrace the transition to a safer, cleaner, more equal and stable world.

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Their mission is to imagine new narratives, create and provide a space for re-invention which will inspire enjoyment of a sustainable life on earth: “As the privileged, wealthiest percentage of the world’s population we have to take the lead in using our dwindling resources wisely and meaningfully.”

This year, The House of Fairy Tales is back at the Forest of Imagination as: The Aye Aye Spy Agency, their mission is to encourage young people into the forest to become a protection force like no other.

Expect marvels, curiosities, hilarity and action…here is this years adventure:

“With rumours flying of the dreaded forces of Mnee lurking in the corners of the forest, The House of Fairy Tales has sent the legendary forest protection force, the Aye Aye Spies, to investigate, and they need your help. Join us for fun filled investigations and explorations, and top secret missions to the furthest reaches of the forest, and with the help of Bristol Zoo even a little beyond.”

Make sure you come and help the Aye Aye Spies protect and explore in the Forest of Imagination 2016.

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